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interior design projects
How it works
Simple steps
to your dream interior
Scan your space with a mobile app or upload and digitize your existing floor plan from an image or a sketch.
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Floor Plan Generation
AI Design analyzes the space, generates ergonomic floor plans, and provides several furniture layouts based on your text prompts.
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After choosing the interior style and preferred details, AI Design generates photorealistic visualizations for each room, considering the furniture layout.
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Construction Drawings
AI Design generates a complete set of construction drawings following industry standards. These include details about partitions, plumbing, ceilings, electrical work, etc.
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AI Design analyzes floor plans and visualizations and chooses all the necessary furniture and materials to fit your budget, offering alternative selections if necessary.
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Furniture & Materials Purchase
Choose the desired items and order them with just one click for smooth delivery.
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Access to the platform to start your interior design project powered by AI.
Key features
Seamless efficiency.
Unmatched creativity.
Super Fast
From concept to creation faster than ever.
Customize everything. Build your dream space. Make it yours.
Cover every phase of the interior design process in one place.
Enhance designs without stretching your budget.
Limitless options
Infinite designs to precisely fit your vision.
International standards
Compliant with international norms and local regulations, anywhere.
Accurate down to the last detail for flawless execution.
Children room
Add a room
Change the style
Replace the furniture
Change the color
Create a kitchen
For whom
For everyone.
No experience required.
With AI Design reconstruction becomes accessible, joyous,
and stress-free. The process is effortless, enabling limitless design options and visual decision-making.
Josh Dun
AI Design revolutionizes design workflows, boosting efficiency and client satisfaction. With its help, we can deliver exactly what our clients envision, quicker and more precise.
Interior Designer
Sarah Johnson
AI Design empowers real estate specialists to enhance property presentations for faster sales and rentals, develop captivating property tours, and optimize floor plans.
Real Estate Agent
Olivia Smith
Quick visualizations and optimized floor plans ensure updates reflect your brand identity and enhance functionality. Streamlined procurement reduces time
and complexity.
Office Owner
James Anderson
Frequently Asked Questions
AI Design is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. With its user-friendly interface, beginners can easily embark on their first design projects, while advanced features like LiDAR scanning and adherence to international standards offer professionals the precision and efficiency needed for complex renovations. Whether you are sprucing up a single room or overhauling an entire property, AI Design caters to all skill levels.
AI Design's Floor Generator is an AI-powered tool that creates detailed floor plans from simple inputs.
Here’s how it works:
Scan or upload: use a mobile device with LiDAR or upload an existing plan.
AI Processing: AI generates a floor plan that optimizes space and adheres to standards.
Customize: Refine the design using text prompts to meet your specific needs.
Using text prompts in AI Design is a straightforward way to tailor your design projects to your specific needs. Simply select a feature, describe your vision, and the AI will interpret your prompts to adjust your designs accordingly. To get started, AI Design provides a range of examples to demonstrate effective use of text prompts.
You can upload various types of files to AI Design, including JPEG, PNG for images, and PDF for documents. This flexibility allows you to easily import existing plans or images directly into the platform for further customization and design development.
The number of projects you can create or store with AI Design depends on your subscription plan. Our freemium model allows you to start with a limited number of projects for free. For unlimited project creation and storage, you can upgrade your subscription plan.
Yes, AI Design provides a range of tutorials and resources to help you learn how to use the platform effectively. These include step-by-step video guides and detailed instructions that cover everything from basic navigation to advanced design techniques. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, these resources are designed to enhance your understanding and skills in using our design tools.
Yes, you can export your projects from AI Design. The platform supports exporting in various formats, including PDF, PNG, and JPEG, allowing you to easily share your designs or continue working on them using other software. This feature makes it convenient to present your work to clients or integrate it with other tools in your workflow.
Currently, AI Design is primarily a web service, but it includes a mobile app component that utilizes LiDAR technology for scanning spaces. While the full range of features is optimized for desktop use, we are actively working to expand and adapt our service for tablets and mobile devices, ensuring that you'll soon be able to use AI Design seamlessly on various mobile platforms.
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